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Data preprocessing tool for cGPSmapper Garmin MapSource maps creator


  • Splits large map into a set of smaller maps
  • Merges holes in regions with regions' bounds
  • Splits large regions
  • Splits large polylines


pGPSmap allows splitting large map, represented in so-called text "polish format" (cGPSmapper source format), into a set of smaller rectangular non-intersecting maps with automatic preview file source generation. Splitting map allows you to load only selected parts of map into your GPS unit and lets maps be created and displayed faster. pGPSmap automatically assigns unique (within current set of maps) IDs to each resulting map. If source map ID or MapSource product code is not specified, pGPSmap generates it basing on map's name.

All other features (merging regions into polygons, splitting polygons and polylines) are actually redundant, because cGPSmapper already does it by itself. However, if you feel that it looses some data, you may do this job for it with pGPSmap.

System requirements

  • Windows Script (Windows Script Host) 5.5 or later (is included in the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Windows, or can be freely downloaded from www.microsoft.com)

User requirements

  • Ability to work with command-line prompt
  • Ability to run Windows scripts in command-line mode with cscript.exe

Download pGPSmap 1.0 beta 9

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